Amazing DIY Toys Projects for Your Cat

Toys for Cats that Can be Made at Home

Amazing DIY Toys Projects for Your Cat

We spend much more time with our pets than we normally do when we take care to stay at home and provide social isolation for our health and the health of those around us. Our pets, who are very happy to be constantly at home, maybe asking us to take care of them and play games.

Especially for our cats, who are always accustomed to standing alone at home, it is very important to produce enjoyable activities for them to have fun. In this process, we can try to produce toys and products that our cats can engage in while working from home and doing our daily work. In this article, we have examined practical cat toy ideas that you can easily produce with simple materials in the home.

Bottle corks are useful materials for many DIY projects that you can do at home. You can create a practical cat toy by sticking hot silicone and interesting materials such as feathers, ribbons, and colored threads to the circular surfaces of the cork stopper. Due to its soft and porous texture, the mushroom will be a material that the cat will not be harmed while playing and will enjoy playing with its nails.

It is possible to create fun toys by combining cardboard rollers, which are located in the middle of paper towels, with various materials. You can create a toy that the cat can scratch by wrapping the cardboard roll with colored threads to cover the open ends of the roller. You can create a toy that the cat will be interested in by opening a hollow on the side surface of the cylinder and placing a product that can act as a ping-pong ball and rubber ball inside the cylinder.

The ideas you can produce with cardboard rollers in the middle of paper towel and toilet paper rolls are truly limitless. You can insert straws through these holes by piercing the cardboard roller at random points, or you can stick beads, plush balls on the side surface of the roller.

You can knit a simple woolen sheath to dress the cardboard roller, creating a remarkable toy with the materials you will add to the end of this sheath, such as bells, or beads. If you don’t choose to knit, you can create the same toy by wrapping an old shirt or socks around the cylinder.

Toys that make a noise as they move are intriguing for cats. After the toilet paper roll is finished, you can place dried legumes such as chickpeas, beans or small balls in the cardboard cylinder that you have in your hand, and then turn it off at both ends and turn it into a toy that makes a sound. In this way, you can have a pleasant time with this toy, which makes a sound as the cat moves with its paws.

We also have a suggestion for those who only have cardboard cylinders in their hands and who do not want to use additional materials. You can cut the head and end of the cylinder at certain intervals and open the cardboard to expand the roller, making it a practical toy that the cat will enjoy rolling on the floor.

Now, it is very easy to produce fun toys that will attract the cat’s attention with fabric pieces, textile materials, and threads. By clumping woolen threads, you can create colorful and soft cat toys.

Of course, toys in the mouse figure will be extremely interesting for cats. From a small amount of woolen yarn, you can knit mouse forms in which you can fill with cotton or fiber. We recommend that you include beads and eyes, and colored threads with tail in your design.

Another material that you can easily shape at home will be felt. You can create various animal forms with a small amount of felt, as well as fill the material with cotton or fiber. You can make detailing on the toy you created by processing threads of different colors and thickness on the felt.

Clothes and accessories such as old socks, scarves, etc. that are not used in a corner of the closet can be life-saving for DIY projects. By cutting your old socks and filling them, you can create soft and fun toys for your cat. You should keep in mind that the textures of products such as socks and scarves are very attractive for cats.

The toys, where colorful pieces of fabric and threads hang down, where they can lie down and pull these pieces, will allow cats to have a pleasant time. By creating a solid skeleton of wood or metal parts, you can enrich this skeleton with fabrics of different thicknesses, textures, and colors.

You can also create a fun and practical toy by detailing a simple stick with different materials. By moving this rod-like a fishing rod from where you sit, you can make the cat have fun with the dangling parts.

You can produce another toy that will make you attract the cat’s attention by making sounds by evaluating plastic surprise egg boxes. By placing dried legumes and beads in these plastic egg boxes, you will create an intriguing toy that sounds as it shakes.

Disposable products at home can also be very useful for DIY projects. You can get a snake figure by punching disposable paper cups through the middle, putting them on a rope. You can create a fun activity that the cat will follow with interest by walking the toy through space bypassing the rope that extends from behind.

Cats enjoy playing with floating objects in the water. You can fill a plastic container with water and place floating objects such as bottle caps, aluminum candle containers, plastic cups in this mini-pool. The cat will enjoy moving these materials with its paws by floating them in the water.

Cardboard packaging boxes are extremely useful for various Do-It-Yourself projects. You can create a fun maze for your cat by placing materials that the cat can move, such as ping-pong balls, rubber balls, or stones in empty packaging boxes. It will spend a pleasant time by moving the material in the box from place to place with its paws.

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