Top 5 Healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipes – Your Dog Will Love

5 Homemade and Sustainable Dog Foods

Top 5 Healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipes - Your Dog Will Love

With these recipes, in addition to saving money on cans and commercial feed, you will help your pets maintain a healthy and quality diet.

Food is essential for everyone, whether human or animal. And preparing recipes at home is even healthier. But what is sustainable food?

According to Facua’s definition, it is a varied and balanced diet that protects natural resources. That is, they are foods that are grown and processed under correct environmental conditions and without using chemicals. Also, its handling is done saving energy and without using additives harmful to health.

Knowing this meaning, What do you think if we consider it for the feeding of our pet? We have put together 5 recipes that you will like. Besides, with your homemade preparations, you can control all the ingredients that will facilitate the feeding of allergic dogs or dogs with special nutritional needs.

1.- Pureed vegetables and legumes

Vegetable dishes are a very nutritious option for our pets. Also, they are very cheap recipes. You can make a puree of lentils and mix it with rice, or simply make a puree with various vegetables (without salt) and add tofu so that it contains protein.

If you think that your dog will not feel satiated with this meatless dish, don’t worry! According to veterinarians, a vegetarian diet does not have to cause nutritional deficiencies in our pet as long as it is balanced.

2.- White rice with chicken

One of your favorites! Many pets love this nutritious dish. And not only that, its preparation is very easy and quick to prepare.

Veterinarians recommend cooking rice a little longer than usual so that they can better digest, that is, boil it for 15-20 minutes. You can use brown rice, but you should not abuse it since the excess fiber would cause diarrhea.

As for meat, it is recommended that they be chicken breasts since they are the healthiest option. Also, they can be made both cooked and grilled. Once prepared, just add them to the rice and wait for our dog to enjoy the tasting.

3.- Macaroni

Who does not like pasta? Our pets wouldn’t raise their hands when asking the question either. This food is magnificent because, in addition to being a simple and nutritious recipe, it is very cheap.

You just have to boil the pasta in water for approximately 15 minutes and then add a few pieces of chicken breast, some fried eggs, omelet, or canned natural sardines.

However, you should avoid long pasta like spaghetti so they don’t have any problems or difficulties when chewing.

4.- Tuna sandwiches

Sounds good, right? Do not hesitate to prepare this wonderful food for them! They are very fast and easy to make.

You simply need a few tuna, a beaten egg, and half a glass of hot water. Blend the tuna and mix it with the other two ingredients. Once it cools your dog will be more than satisfied.

5.- Broken eggs

This is another of the fast and cheap dishes that we have compiled. You can combine the broken eggs with boiled green beans, with cooked pasta or simply with pieces of ham that contain neither bone nor fat.

Tips to consider

We already know that their digestive system is not the same as ours, and for this reason, we must include a large number of healthy and nutritious foods in homemade preparations. On the other hand, it is important not to add ingredients that can pose a danger to them, such as salt, sugar, chocolate, raw pork, onion, garlic, avocado, grapes, and raisins.

Watch the data! We should not create a homemade diet in which its amount depends on the kilos that the pet weighs since its nutritional needs are not only based on weight. You have to know their food needs, that is, the number of daily calories they need, the number of vitamins and other essential nutrients.

Nor should they contain an excessive number of ingredients since their digestive system is not the same as ours. Therefore, it is advisable to add 4 or 5 to each plate and apply little by little in small amounts.

Another fact to keep in mind is that, if our idea is to replace commercial feed and cans with home-cooked food, we should first consult with a veterinarian or a specialist in canine nutrition. In this way, we will make sure to include all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals they need in their diet.

You know that dogs do not admit frequent changes in diet, that is why it is so important to develop a healthy and balanced diet subject to veterinary supervision.

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