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The Best Nutrients Dogs Need for Healthy Joints

Top 5 Nutrients Dogs Need for Healthy Joints 2

Feeding is the key to preventing and controlling joint problems in dogs that hinder their mobility. Take care of your dog’s joint health!

Although mobility problems can occur in any dog ​​and at any age, there is a greater predisposition in big dogs, certain breeds (Golden Retriever, German Shepherd), overweight and elderly dogs, those who practice intense exercise or have suffered some trauma.

The main cause of mobility problems is osteoarthritis, a degenerative disease characterized by inflammation of the joints and intense chronic pain, and affects 1 in 5 dogs. This makes the dog tend to move less and gain weight, and it is necessary to adapt the diet to avoid being overweight and obese, risk factors in the appearance of joint problems. As it is a progressive process, it is possible to detect it in initial stages if they observe some signs.

Does your dog have mobility problems?

Some signs that your dog has joint problems are:

  • Difficulty climbing and descending stairs or other high obstacles such as car or sofa.
  • Stiffness in the limbs in the mornings.
  • You cannot perform the same exercise as before, either in intensity or duration.
  • Difficulty getting up after lying down.

In these cases, it should be taken to the vet. The priority treatment in case of obesity will be weight loss with a specific weight loss diet and then maintenance with specific food to take care of your dog’s joint health.

5 Best Nutrients for Dog Joint Health

For dogs prone to joint problems there are specific foods that are low in moderate energy content to help maintain the weight of the dog and with nutrients that help maintain the good condition of the joints.

Below we see some of them with anti-inflammatory power.

1. Omega 3 fatty acid

It is obtained from fish oil and has an important anti-inflammatory effect.

2. Green tea

Its high content of polyphenols makes it provide anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

3. Hydrolyzed collagen

It provides amino acids that facilitate the regeneration of cartilage.

4. Glucosamine and Chondroitin

Chondroprotectors that help regenerate and prevent the destruction of cartilage.

5. Curcumin

The turmeric root extract has a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect.

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